How College Students Can Make Money As Writers

Feel the “writer’s itching”, write texts for yourself, or so far, just thinking about whether it is possible to get paid for your writing? In this article, we will talk about how to make money as an essay writer, even if this writer is a beginner.

Ways for college students to make extra money

Freelance writing for college students is a fascinating but difficult matter. You need to have the iron will to write essays regularly, to be able to “negotiate” with Muse, the capricious girl who appears when she pleases. In addition, it is important to find those who will read your works. Therefore, before you plunge into writing with your head, it is worth trying to write one or two hours a day. So you will understand whether you are ready to devote yourself to this craft and whether you can exist on the writer’s income.

If you are a student and your parents poorly support you with money, you have every chance to increase your income.

So, how to get a writing job?

If you have previously been engaged in literary activity: translating, writing a dissertation, or scientific articles, you will quickly join the writing community, and if you have never worked with texts, it will take more time. But if you dream of becoming a specialist who can write articles for money, you will become one. Perseverance and hard work wonders.

Writing articles online for money

Examples of how college students can make money.


A great way on how to make money as a creative writer and also the fastest way on how college students can make money online from writing is without a doubt copywriting. Its essence lies in the written transmission of a given text in your own words. Finding a job as a copywriter is easy.

On copywriting resources, employers form an order with a detailed description, the writer, in turn, performs the task and receives payment. The total amount of earnings depends on the number of completed orders and their value minus the exchange commission 10-15%. On average, with a daily workload of 3 hours, you can earn about $100-150. Journalists working on the Internet all day without days off can earn $ 1000 and more on writing.

Creating a blog

Another way on how college students can make money is creating a blog. It is a great opportunity for a writer to earn money while maintaining creative freedom. 

In addition to publications, the master of the pen can give it various life hacks on writing and share personal experience. It should be borne in mind that the project will bring money, with the active use of monetization methods. 

For example, the cost of hosting and the content of the resource will be reimbursed by the placement of a donation button from PayPal. With its help, readers will be able to support the author with any amount of their choice. The cost of promoting a new best-seller will be covered by a fee from other publicists, from the sale of their books on your blog. And the final earnings, in this case, will depend on the number of publications bought by readers.

Working for essay writing services

Many students are willing to pay someone to write a paper. Why can’t you be that someone?

Selling books to online stores

The influence of traditional print media has waned over time. And this is a great combination of circumstances for the resourceful Internet writer.

A good option for making money on the Internet is writing, self-publishing your books and reports. Or create products such as podcasts, videos, webinars, or courses.

To publish your book, just print it in Microsoft Word, export it to PDF format and take it to the nearest publisher, or confirm it with online services for publishing and selling electronic books.

For writers who do not want to contact publishers on the Internet but want to get to know how college students can make money, there are resources for self-publishing of works. They are online stores with a large affiliate network. To make money on them, the author needs to register, download the writings, and start promoting the account. The best resource for earning on the Internet is

An international platform for the sale of electronic creations and many other products. The service is very popular on the Internet; its attendance is 282 million people per month at the time of writing, so a novice writer has every chance of being seen on it. Amazon pays writers 35% of their writing income. When selling publications on the market in Japan, Brazil, or India, the author can earn increased remuneration – 70% of the cost of the work.

The amount of earnings for beginners in the first month may be zero. The income of $ 300 in the coming months can count on writers who are involved in promoting the book. Profits in excess of $ 1000 are received by authors in the collections of which are at least hundreds of books. 

It is also important for writers that want to know how college students can make money and are using the services of the American Amazon to know that when selling publications over the Internet, a foreign inspectorate removes 30% of the fee.