At the present stage of development of higher education, there is a change in approaches in determining its content, which is based on the idea of developing a student’s personality, so they become lifelong learners, thinkers, creators, and activists. This makes students come over difficult task much easier than their predecessors and excludes attempts to find someone who can complete the task write my essay for cheap.

Our approach in the use of pedagogical technologies in the educational process makes it possible to organize in practice a competency-based training based on such elements as a variety of personality development options, the right to develop a personal attitude to the student, the right to design one’s activities, the right to choose interpretations of the phenomena, subjects, methods teachings, assimilation, information source, level of assimilation.

As practice shows, the use of innovative methods in vocationally-oriented training is a prerequisite for the training of highly qualified specialists. The use of various methods and techniques of active learning awakens students' interest in the educational and cognitive activity itself, which allows you to create an atmosphere of motivated, creative learning and at the same time solve a whole range of educational and developmental tasks.


"Calculus class is located inside an aquarium, and Spanish, in the Rose Garden. Occasionally, I end up with an opossum in my Animal Life Drawing class. (Thankfully, it takes place at the zoo)." Read More


“[SOTA practices] full-inclusion Special Education [...] It’s individuals caring for individuals. There was recognition that Aaron is a valuable person. ” Read More


"SOTA did many things for my life, but the greatest gift they gave me was encouraging me to think out of the box. [...] You may not know how, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn along the way." Read More


“You have to show students the competing interests [...] and be explicit about the tensions. Most scenarios are both/and, not either/or. [...] two things can be simultaneously true and you have to deal with that complexity.” Read More

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